Merino Extrafine 28/2

High quality yarn, very comfortable to wear, soft and skin-kind – one of our classics through the years!

100% fine, skin-kind pure Merinowool
Nm 28/2
approx. 14.000 m/kg
Shadecard: 14 Colums – approx. 200 colors available

Care Instructions:

Handwash even at 30° or with washing machine using a special wool program

Please keep in mind that colors look different on every screen! 
To chose the correct color for your need we highly recommend to check it out on the shade cards and compare it in different light spectrums (indoor, outdoor …) to make sure you get the right shade.

Merino Extrafine 28/2, Farbkarte A001 - A034
Merino Extrafine 28/2, Farbkarte A101 - A130
Merino Extrafine 28/2, Farbkarte A035 - A066
Merino Extrafine 28/2, Farbkarte A131 - A161
Merino Extrafine 28/2, Farbkarte A067 - A100
Merino Extrafine 28/2, Farbkarte A162 - A195
Merino Extrafine 28/2, Farbkarte A196 - A226

Minimum Order Quantity
… is one cone per color and quality, which is mostly approx. 0,5-1 kg

Yarn Winding

If you need several cones per color we can wind the cones in two or more parts for you. The minimum size of the winded cone is 500g. Smaller sizes are available against a small fee. Please inform us about the needed sizes when you order.

Please keep in mind that in textile business it is used to calculate the weight on base of comercial weight surcharge. Thats why the weight on the bill and the weight of the delivered yarn could be different. The legal percentage depends on the moist of the yarn and the kind of material the yarn is made of.