On this side you will find basic informations regarding to our yarn-offers. If you have any further questions: Please do not hesitate to contact us!


m/kg = Is an informtion regarding the thickness of the yarn. The more metres per kg – the finer the yarn is.
For textile experts: The count is also stated in Nm or Ne depending on the material.

SCC = Shade Card Columns.
Every kind of yarn has its special shade card to show you the available amount of colors. You can purchase the shade cards for a small fee which is depending on the number of columns. Our yarn shade cards are usually valid for several years.

Please find further informations regarding minimum quantities, prices, shipment, claims, etc. below.

Bali Fein, Nm Z 27

60%Cotton, 40%PC
approx. 27.000m/kg
6 Shade Card Colums
View Online Shade Card

Cotton Ne 30/2 (Nm 48/2)

100% mercerised Cotton
approx. 24.000m/kg
4 Shade Card Colums
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Merino Extrafine Nm 28/2

100% WV Merino x-fine
approx. 14.000m/kg
14 Shade Card Colums
View Online Shade Card

Merino Extrafine Nm 48/2

100% WV Merino x-fine
approx. 24.000m/kg
6 Shade Card Colums
View Online Shade Card

Victory Viscose Yarn

100% Viscose
approx. 17.000m/kg
4 Shade Card Colums
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50% Cotton, 50% Polyacryl
Nm 30/2, approx. 30.000 m/kg
1 Shade Card Column
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We do not publish any prices for our yarns on our website. We try to keep the prices constant during the year, but due to fluctuation on the market it may happen that we have to adapt them during the year.

Transport fees: Shipping within the European Union is done by DPD parcel service and their local partners. Please ask for our detailed price list.
For customers outside the European Union: We will try to find the best and cheapest way on demand!

Please keep in mind that in textile business it is used to calculate the weight on base of comercial weight surcharge! 

Moisture Regain / Comercial Weight Surcharge

… is a measure of the increase in weight due to the adsorption of water by a fiber vs. its initial dry weight. Usually expressed as %.
The possible moisture regain on the dry weight for yarns is as follows:

  • pure cotton ~ 8,50%
  • pure ax ~ 12,00 %
  • pure wool and ne animal hairs ~ 18,25%
  • pure viscose staple bre ~ 13,00%
  • pure Polyamide bre (e.g. Perlon, Nylon) ~ 6,25%
  • pure Poylacrylic substances, Polyvinyl-chloride bre, Polypropylene ~ 2,00%
  • pure Polyester ~ 1,50%

Yarn Ordering

You can order via letter, Fax (+43-2639-7150-30), e-mail or phone: +43 – 676 – 35 98 772.

Please keep in mind that we need your full contact details and – if possible – your customer-number to avoid confusions – Thank you!

Picking up your order

If you want to pick up your order personally from our location let us know when you arer ordering, so we can prepare everything in time and are here to support you. We are open from Monday to Thursday from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m and 2:00 to 4:30 p.m.

Minimum Order

… according to colour and quality 0,5 kg each.


If you have any problems with our yarns please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know, so we can find a way to help you. Do not send us any complained goods without letting us know first. If the reclamation is entiteld we will of course refund you the price or the delivery.