Yarns for Knitting, Weaving, Trimmings

We offer you various kind of yarns, textile services and various used textil machines are also available.

On the other hand we are producers of laces, ribbons and trimmings, further informations at the website (at the moment only in German language available, English version coming soon)


Available Yarns

Bali Fein

New: Ocean

50% Cotton, 50% Polyacryl
approx. 30.000m/kg

Bali Fein

New: Victory

100% Viscose
approx. 17.000m/kg

Bali Fein

Bali Fein, Nm Z 27

60%Cotton, 40%PC
approx. 27.000m/kg

Baumwolle 30/2 (48/2)

Cotton Ne 30/2 (Nm 48/2)

100% mercerised Cotton
approx. 24.000m/kg

Merino Extrafine 48/2

Merino Extrafine Nm 48/2

100% WV Merino x-fine
approx. 24.000m/kg

Merino Extrafine 28/2

Merino Extrafine Nm 28/2

100% WV Merino x-fine
approx. 14.000m/kg